This phase of the Programme will provide four lots of roads: Florínea-Igarapava (São Paulo Mid-West Roads); Itaporanga-Franca (Roads of the Shoes Industry); Miracatu-Ubatuba (São Paulo Coast Roads), and the North Beltway. The lots Sao Paulo Mid-West Roads and Roads of the Shoes Industry have already undergone public consultation. São Paulo Coast Roads and North Beltway are being studied, and will be announced in 2017.

Rodovia do Centro-Oeste Paulista (lote Florinea Igarapava)


São Paulo Mid-West Roads

The lot includes 570 km of roads covering parts of SP-266, SP-294, SP-322, SP-328, SP-330, SP-333 and SP-351. The roads cross 30 municipalities, including: Assis, Marília, Novo Horizonte and Ribeirão Preto. Interested parties can request more information by clicking here.





Roads of the Shoes Industry

The lot includes 747 kilometers of roads passing through 35 municipalities, in the regions of Franca, Batatais, Ribeirão Preto, Araraquara, São Carlos, Jaú, Barra Bonita and Itaí.


Rodovias dos Calcados (lote Itaporanga Franca)