New batch of roads concession of the State of São Paulo, Brazil, is open for Public Consultation

“Rodovias dos Calçados”, 2nd Lot to be auctioned, will have 747 km

São Paulo, Brazil, September, 2016 – The State Government of São Paulo, through Artesp (Transport Agency of São Paulo State), launched the Public Consultation of the international bidding process on Itaporanga-Franca Lot, A.K.A. “Rodovias dos Calçados” (or Roads of the Shoes Industry, in English), of the São Paulo Road Concessions Program. There will be 747 kilometers of roads throughout 35 cities of the state. The modelling of the bidding features of numerous technological innovations on operations, discounts on toll rates, as well as dualization or paving of 308 km of lands.

The initial estimated investment involved in the Road of the Shoes Industry will be of approximately US$ 1,43* billion over the 30 years of the concession. Out of that total, US$ 906* million is directed to the restoration of tracks and another US$ 287,5* million the main expansion of the road network. Most of the investment will be required to take place by the 10th year of the contract.

The concession attempts to respond to the demands of all these cities that are crossed by this project. It also foresees revisions in the contract every four years, which may facilitate new investments that will be managed in accordance with future needs or future reality. That will mean that new investments, such as dualizations or improvement of roads accesses, can be created, brought forward or cancelled during the tenor of the contract.

The international bidding of the “Roads of the Shoes” places the roads to be granted among the most modern in the world. There will be WiFi available in the entire extension for better access to information and utility services. Users will receive information through SMS, WhatsApp, etc, on accidents, roads blockages, detours and other road information, including weather, security and traffic. This innovation will facilitate a new channel of communication between concessionaires and the road users, and bring more security and convenience.

In addition, the roads will be 100% covered with CCTV (closed-circuit television) to improve security. Equipment to weight trucks while in movement and bicycle lanes in urban areas are other innovations in the Roads of the Shoes Industry.

Those who are interested in the public consultation can access the documents in ARTESP (Transport Agency of São Paulo) website at It is necessary to fill in the standard form and send it to The public consultation of this lot will be closed at 6pm on September 27.

The State of São Paulo has over 19 years of experience in road concessions and has already received more than US$ 21,9 billion of investment in its Road Concessions Program, since it started in 1998. 19 out of 20 of the best roads in Brazil are in São Paulo.

* US$ 1 = R$ 3,2